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Episode #58 The Public Good Wimmer's Wilderness

In Episode #58, we hear Franklin D. Roosevelt's 1932 Portland speech, commonly known as the 'The Public Good Speech. After his speech, I discuss local electric cooperatives and energy companies. It is essential to highlight the good government can do and what happens when only a negative view of regulation exists. The Public Good must come first; otherwise, we will see the deadly outcome of Texas's electric utility failures continue to happen across our country.
  1. Episode #58 The Public Good
  2. Episode #57 Dr. King's Letter from the Birmingham Jail
  3. Episode #56, Conversation with GreenStep Co-Directors Kristin Mroz and Lola Schoenrich,
  4. Episode #55 Conversation with Chiara Riolfi of BeeVital
  5. Episode #54 Conversation with Keith Dragisich about Community Banking

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